Detail Meant For A Boss

What is JEFE Lifestyle Shoe Detail?

JEFE pronounced (hefä) is the Spanish word for ‘boss’. JEFE is a personal shoe cleaning service that specializes in the detail care of luxury shoes and collectable running shoes.

What Do You Get?

Convenience and piece of mind to know you have one less concern of a Boss. At JEFE, we can truly relate to our clients who have those limited edition athletic expensive brand name shoes that are worn only on those special occasions.  As we also have closets full of these shoes. We understand and acknowledge how a spotless pair of athletic or casual shoes can make that outfit complete. That’s why we specialize in revitalizing your shoes so that every time you open that box and place those shoes on, it feels and looks like your wearing those shoes for the first time.

Helping Out Those In Need

We believe in helping others. Any parent of a young child knows that an active child can wear through the sole of a running shoe in as little as a couple months. Due to rapid growth spurts children can out grow a barely worn running shoe.
Donations of gently worn children’s shoes of various sizes are welcome. We clean and deodorize these shoes and distribute them to non-profit organizations throughout the community.
Whether it is a child in need of a pair of sneakers for school or an adult in need of a pair of dress shoes for a job interview, we will do our part to ensure your kind donations of old shoes reaches those in need.
Everyone deserves an opportunity to look like JEFE!

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